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5 Essential Features Every eCommerce Website Needs


As per recent estimates, there are over 26 million eCommerce websites globally! Whether you are starting from scratch in the online ecosystem with your eCommerce store, or your online store is outmoded, and you want to revamp it completely, do you understand the essential features your website needs? The competition online is fierce, and if you want to attract visitors and convert them into loyal customers, every element of your website should be nothing less than perfect. Want to ensure your eCommerce venture thrives? According to the leading eCommerce Website Development Companies in Delhi, here are some features your website must have!


#1 Intuitive Navigation


Your website visitors can lose interest within a snap if they find your eCommerce website complicated. If you want to ensure your visitors can find any product they are looking for within a few clicks, have a clear and intuitive navigation system with categories, subcategories and filters to organise products logically. In addition, add a search bar (preferably at the top) to streamline the browsing process, and ensure users can find specific products swiftly.


#2 Mobile Responsiveness


Who surfs the internet on their bulky PCs nowadays? With the dominance of mobile devices, your eCommerce website needs to be optimised and compatible across different mobile devices. Have a responsive design in place and ensure that your site easily adapts to different screen sizes, so users can have a consistent experience.


#3 Secure Payment Gateway


When users trust you with their sensitive financial information, you need to secure it with your life. Integrate secure and trusted payment gateways such as PayPal, Stripe, or Square to ensure that sensitive financial information remains protected during transactions. In addition, showcase trust seals and SSL certificates prominently on your website to reassure customers of the security measures in place.

#4 High-Quality Product Images and Descriptions

Invest in professional-quality images that showcase products from multiple angles and provide zoom functionality for closer inspection. Also, as you cannot explain the pros and cons of your products physically to the customer, add a clear and concise description that highlights features, specifications, and benefits, aiding customers in making informed purchasing decisions.


#5 Streamlined Checkout Process 


Many customers leave products in their carts because the checkout process is too hectic. You can simplify that by implementing a guest checkout option for accommodating first-time shoppers who do not wish to create an account. In addition, try to minimise form fields, offer multiple payment options, and provide clear progress indicators to guide users through each step of the checkout process.


The Bottom Line


According to the stats, over 2.6 billion consumers engage in eCommerce transactions, and based on the fact that there are approximately 7.88 billion people on Earth, a little more than 1/3rd of all people shop online! The numbers are staggering, and if you have a brand online, your website needs to work like butter. From site speed and product descriptions to seamless navigation, your eCommerce Development Company in Delhi must ensure all aspects of your website are designed and optimised effortlessly.


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